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Pain Management

Pain is a part of life. Drugs and magic elixirs will never be a solution, only the management of your pain. With exercise, good diet, personal growth. To understand that all life is adjustments, including our health.

You can BE Healthy

Health isn't rocket science. Simple changes, like, diet, exercise and attitude. Being healthy is only a few small steps to get on track with your own improvements

Start Living

Get out of that chair, turn off the boob tube, play music, create art, go for a walk, visit the kids, make your decision to have a better attitude.


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What Is Trigger Point


Massage and Sports



Dennis Boal, Sports / Medical Therapist.

  • My Humble Beginnings

    Graduating from the California College of the Physical Arts (CALCOPA), Huntington Beach, California. Concentrating my education on sports and pain management. Working with athletes, sports teams and bringing pain relief to many of my patients as well.

  • Pain Management Therapy

    Most pain can be alleviated by aligning the body, supporting the changes with soft tissue massage. Allowing the body to naturally heal.

  • Learn Live Be Healthy Educational Channel

    The future of health education is online. Our intent is to educate people to the power they have over their own health.

  • Touching the World

    With thousands of people watching our videos. We will continue producing interesting and fun content. Keep watching.


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